La fisioteràpia que t´agrada

                                                                "Your health will be in good hands"





                                                                                                                    Les mans poden sentir les  

                                                                       tensions físiques i emocionals   


 "Hand can feel physical and emotional tensions"










 Tècnica cupping


1. To begin physical therapy, if mutual insured patients the center needs the approval of the insurer from the medical request injuries. This authorization may be processed by the patient.

2. Adeslas patients, Caser and Mutua General de Catalunya should leave the card on the counter before entering. Well can pick every day to go out or leave it in the center during all treatment sessions.

3. Medifiatc patients, Montepío Mutualitat Catalan footballers, labor Mutual (Fraternitat, mutual Activa. Intercomarcal) must sign before leaving the center, the meeting held in the file that is in the counter.

4. Please be punctual. For late treatment duration will be diminished in proportion to the delay.

5. If unable to attend the meeting are requested to report to the center of the absence. If the notice is not done with five hours before the visit will be counted as accomplished, leaving the choice to be center justified or accounted for.

6. In the case of having 3 sessions followed unjustified, without notice, be given the anuilación of all scheduled sessions.

7. It will be necessary to wear appropriate clothing (such as shorts or sportswear) only when necessary (will be advised by the physiotherapist).

8. Phone utilitzación prohibited. Please turn them off or to silent during the treatment session.

9. Patients will receive scheduling writing sessions, planning should seek respect. When finishedprogramming, you have to ask for more hours.
10. No entry is allowed companions during therapy except for minors.

11. The patient should wait in the waiting room until the therapist will call for ent.

12. The center offers the possibility that the patient acquires their own patches to use during treatment (patches price € 10).

13. The units of the center are responsibility of physiotherapists therefore only be used by these same.

Directorate General of Health Resources

Centre authorized by the "Generalitat de Catalunya" (Department of Health Social Seguredad i). Registration code: E17622749.






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