La fisioteràpia que t´agrada

                                                                "Your health will be in good hands"





                                                                                                                    Les mans poden sentir les  

                                                                       tensions físiques i emocionals   


 "Hand can feel physical and emotional tensions"










 Tècnica cupping


It is the application of electricity for therapeutic purposes by electrodes directly on the skin of the patient, or at a distance underwater application. The entire apparatus is used to transmit different types of flows to the patient.

The therapist uses currents of different types depending on the effect to be obtained at each stage of the evolution of the pathology to be treated. Electrotherapy is a complement to manual therapy to resolve a painful process. For example in a more acute interest to use a type of current analgesic or anti-inflammatory, subacute phase maybe interested to enhance muscle excitomotor currents, and heat effect for chronic conditions like osteoarthritis.

The main effects of the different currents of electrotherapy are:

• Improved tropism.
neuromuscular Empowerment.
• Thermal in the case of high-frequency electrotherapy
Strength training
Improved drug transport (iontophoresis)
• Reduction of edema
Control of pain
Improves Wound Healing

Special care must be taken in cases of pregnant, pacemakers, tumors, hearing aids, metal implants and other situations that are required to inform the physiotherapist to evaluate the application of electrotherapy since in these cases is not desirable.

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