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Sports Physiotherapy

Sports Physiotherapy
The Sports Physiotherapy, Physiotherapy is a specialization, which is addressed to all those who made a practice esportiva regularly, either within a basic practice, amateur, d'elite and / or sport-health.
In this case, the role of the physiotherapist Sports, will be the implementation of the treatment by physical agents such as electrotherapy, thermotherapy (heat), manual therapy, hydrotherapy and therapeutic exercises in different special techniques to focus their objectives, intended solely for recovery sports and rehabilitation of the injured patient.
Likewise, the sports physiotherapist, should have knowledge both anatomical, physiological, and patomecanicos knowledge of sports injury. About this conduct from a diganostico doctor (usually traumatology), protocol and proper treatment of therapeutic exercises and custom tables for each case.
Highlight i stress the utmost importance i priority by the physiotherapist, inicidir in preventing sports injuries, creating as mentioned above, a treatment protocol customized to each case and specific treatment and immediately precompetition postcompeticion.
Currently, the sports physiotherapist is integrated within the template technique i clubs sports teams, as well as pavilions, pools, private schools i gimansios liberal exercise.
The sports physiotherapist to regain the functionality of the athlete as soon as possible, accelerating the biological processes of recovery from injury, limiting his training as little as possible and ensuring that rejoin with greater guarantees of success.

Sports Physiotherapy Objectives:
1. Disclosure: advising athletic populations professionals involved with her, taking actions that contribute to improving the avoidance of injury to the athlete.
2. PREVENTION: being alert to avoid as far as possible all the factors that may appear hacera injuries from sports in general and porpias each particular sport related injuries and / or consequences of the primary lesion, and possible relapse .
3. RECOVERY: around trying the lesions, associated lesions and relapses as may appear to appear, trying to adapt to the athlete of his sport in the shortest possible time.
4. REHABILITATION: After the recovery phase, all knowledge will make the athlete begins his sport in the appropriate physical conditions, and as similar as possible to those presented before his injury.
5. Teaching
6. Research:; conducting field studies that contribute to hone i expand knowledge of Sports Physiotherapy.

Preventive treatments:
They are used to improve the athlete's muscle, avoiding large overloads, using sports massage to relax or tone (depending on when you realize the session, or if there are competitions in sight, if the competition has ended. etc. ..), in addition to performing and resourceful in finding the desired effect.
This will prevent the maximum risk to injury, improve athletic performance muscle getting this in the best possible condition, we will increase muscle elasticity and flexibility, improve adaptation to stress, in addition to the positive effects on mood and psychological the athlete.

There is that these could be avoided by haver proper prevention and other guidelines. Usually these injuries are caused by several factors such as poor planning in practice, using bad techniques, ejercicis deficit muscle strengthening, additional overloads sobreejercicio, bad stretches .. etc
-Goals of treatment of injuries:
• Treat injuries of each sport
• Reduce possible recurrence or relapse of the injury
• Mark a pattern of behavior, to facilitate their recovery
• full throttle biological processes of repair of the lesion
• Recover the increased functionality of the affected in the shortest possible time
• Retrofitting the athlete to return to training for the effort readaptarle later.
• To achieve a compromise between Sportsman and Physiotherapist to optimize so improved treatment as well as an initiative by the athlete to achieve their recovery goals.
-Types of common treatments:
• Tendinitis / tendinosis (patellar infraspinatus ..), and other tendinopathies
• Muscle injury as fiber breakage, stretching, muscle contractures, overloading, bruising
• meniscopathies
• Pubic Osteopathy
• Injuries to the rotator cuff of shoulder
• capsular ligament injuries (sprains, ligament sprains, joint dislocations and subluxations
• joint instabilities
• taping (bandages or Kinesitaping neuromuscular
• Massage discharge
• postoperative recovery plasties surgery of tendons or ligaments of the knee, for example, or as in i plasties shoulder tendons reinsertions
• Sports Massage (pre i post competition)
• Reeducation the effort
• applying techniques to improve athletic performance (exentricos work, proprioception ....
• Assessment musculo-articular and postural athlete

Directorate General of Health Resources

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