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The Kinesio Taping has emerged as an innovative and effective method of dressing and is being successfully implemented and widely accepted within all international medical communities. The Kinesio Taping and Kinesio tape is cotton with an acrylic adhesive used to treat injuries of athletes and other physical disorders. Komp was invented by the patent issued August 11, 1970s (USPTO Patent No. 3,523,859). The patent is titled "Adhesive Tape Products".


In a relatively short time Bandage Neuromuscular technique, also called "Medical Taping" or "Neuromuscular Bandage", has won its place in the therapeutic practice of many therapists diària. The way this method optimizes the recovery process of the body itself makes it very popular, both among patients and professionals narrow.

The product is a fine type of cotton elastic bandage that claims to be able to stretch to 130-140% its original length. It is applicable to all patients, not only for sports injuries, but for everyday backaches, tendonitis, joint pain, drainage, scar treatment, ... also can be used on children, women, elderly, ... the character of the tape hypoallergenic, soft tissue and darbilidad and water resistance (lasts 3-5 days without peel), so it is recommended for all skin types and applications.

The effect of the band depends on its use throughout the body and how it applies: pulling direction, shape, location, everything depends on hypothetical function .. As a result, if the band is applied to a patient with a stretch greater than the normal length recede after applied and create a tensile force in the muscle or skin on which it is applied. This unique elastic property allows greater range of motion compared com traditional athletic soft bands and can be left for long periods of time before replication.

The functions are qtribuyen to bandage Neuromuscular reeducation capacity and proprioceptive neuromuscular system, improve the patient's posture grácias sensorimotor information which gives, facilitate lymphatic drainage, reduce pain and accelerate the healing process of the injury at all times allowing and facilitating movement and input movement and stability to joints and muscles without affecting the range of motion. It is a technique based on the body's self-healing process.

The net profit or Kinesio Kinesio Taping can be explained from neurophysiology, physiology and neuromuscular neuromechanical:

     1.-Effect circulatory: bandage to elasticity and how it apliocamos, with the area being treated in stretched position (usually) but without stretching the bandage. Because these two circumstances, when the structure to be treated is returned to its initial position, the elasticity of the bandage, causes it to lift slightly the skin surface skinfold called forming waves or wrinkles circumvoluciones, increasing subcutaneous space where capillaries are perilymphatic blood and, in this way increases the local circulation of the region in implementing the kinesiotape.
     2.-Analgesic effect: increasing subcutaneous space that causes kinesiotape decrease the pressure of the mechanoreceptors located in this space, and thereby reduces nociceptive afferents. this increased subcutaneous space also improves local circulation, promoting drainage of tissue debris and accumulated inflammatory mediators in the injured area.
     3.-Neuromechanical effect: the elasticity of the bandage makes this is retracted towards the first point which adheres to the skin (called anchoring base). This tension on the skin and the superficial fascia taut collagen fibers perpendicular and diagonally located between this and the deep fascia últina, triggering a protective reflex to prevent these tissues sobrestiramiento located in the subcutaneous tissue, this reflection is that the deep fascia slides in the same direction as the surface tissues causing conprendidos between both vualvan to the rest position or neurological silence. Therefore applications in muscle, depending on the direction in which it applies the venaje, tend toward the muscle shortening or to elongation. Neurophysiologically the exteroceptive kinesiotape provides information that is collected by the mechanoreceptors located in the skin and fascia, and is transmitted clockwise to afferent influencing the central nervous system in the regulation of normal movement (strength, direction, amplitude, coordination, .. .). to this must be added, the external support to the joint involved, encouraging joint biomechanics and muscle function.






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